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At Yallambe we embrace the active role we play in shaping our shared future. Our promise is a sincere commitment to people and the planet to behave with integrity, ethically, sustainably and with consideration in everything we do. Our commitment to social and environmental responsibility is reflected across three key areas of our business: people, planet and materials.




We have built a reliable network of artists and suppliers over the past 4 years. With these connections, we work closely with each of the suppliers in our supply chain to make sure they share our values and adhere to ethical corporate, socially responsible, and environmental policies. Yallambe is created in our home studio in Victoria Australia 

We regularly give back to our local and global communities, and we've supported numerous charities and organisations over the years, including Mothers Heart for women going through difficult pregnancies, NSW Rural Fire Service and WIRES during the Australian bushfire crises of 2019, Children Ground, Black Duck Foods and WWF during the Wildfire Emergency in Turkey and collective 61 strengthening families at risk of exploitation and separation.

We are committed to running a diverse business with an inclusive and empowering culture. We believe everyone should be welcomed and honoured at Yallambe, and our differences celebrated across all touch points and areas of the business, both internal and external.





Yallambe pieces are designed with intention, creating jewellery that is timeless and transcends seasons or fashion trends. We challenge the culture created by fast fashion and jewellery brands and wish for our pieces to accompany our wearers throughout their journey, year after year. We encourage conscious consumption and make our spices to last, so they are treasured instead of replaced

Our packing is carefully selected and made from recyclable, compostable & reusable materials and FSC-approved paper products. FSC stands for 'Forest StewardshipCouncil' and certifies forests all over the world to ensure they meet the highest environmental and social standards. As we’re on an evolving journey towards sustainability, our jewellery pouches are reusable, and all orders are sent in home compostable courier satchels or recycled packing – ensuring every element of our packaging is recyclable or reusable.



 Here at Yallambe we pride ourselves on the quality of our pieces, we carefully select materials that are durable so each piece can be loved longer. We also offer our wearers a repair service should they wish to refresh their pieces, instead of needing to replace them. Our pieces are expertly created by our skilled artisan (Keira) to achieve quality to withstand the test of time. This method is more durable and gives each piece a long-lasting glow.

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