Muse | Sarah Le Adams

Muse | Sarah Le Adams

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Sarah is one of those exceptional enigmas who can both produce excellent content and have a significant positive impact on your business. new faces to new individuals moving about in our jewels. She is the Yallambe team's sweetie and is a breeze to work with.


Goofy and outgoing, she always nails the content we asked for - it’s proof in the pudding she is starting to become a superstar in the content world. Talents all around, Sarah is skilled in modelling, photography, and styling and she continues to surprise us with so much more every day just to put the cherry on top, loves to travel and is always in the works with something.


She is our Vietnamese, Tasmanian princess, and we cherish having her apart of the Yallambe family.

Ok, we feel so lucky you live in Tassie, so tell us what you love about your home.

Tassie is so beautiful! The state is filled with people who have a feel for the community. It’s so so beautiful here! I love how nature is a key part of Tasmania life, the people are as beautiful as the surroundings.

If you were showing a friend around Tassie, where would you go and what would you show them? Where would you eat? Swim? Shop?

If I was showing a friend around Tasmania I’d take them for a hike up to cradle mountain and to visit the snow down in Hobart! Then a drive up to the west coast to swim in the warm sea in summer, otherwise, you might freeze. I would take them to the local stores and shop in the small business and of course thrift shopping

How did you get into content creation and what does your typical day look like?

My passion for photography led me to the field of content creation. This quickly turned into a passion for small business and a dedication to honest work ethics. Planning for the upcoming week takes up a regular day in my life. My primary channel is Instagram, so scheduling my posts is crucial. Communication with my brand partners is key to maintaining a good relationship with them! Especially getting to know whom they behind the brand and the roots do the company. The runs to the post office are my favourite part! Knowing that a package is here and ready for me to showcase is the best feeling. being able to showcase my work is so heartwarming. 

Ahhh I just love your aesthetic! What do you use to edit your photos and what’s the process?

I almost always edit my images on the iPhone using the built-in camera system! Pics Art, however, is used for specific editing. When I'm filming, InShot & CapCut are my closest companions. With the help of this, I can edit videos exactly how I want them to be and give them my own unique aesthetic.

What was your favourite piece of jewellery from Yallambe?

The fairy necklace & butterfly ring are hands down my favorite jewellery pieces! I love them as they truly fit my aesthetic


What do you do to relax/wind down after a busy day?

Music is my best friend! Since YouTube is my main source of inspiration, I typically watch videos that inspire or educate me about topics I find interesting. Cooking and preparing a tasty snack while watching a Netflix series is definitely one of my favourites! Church is a big thing to me, praising God is the best way for me to relax and unwind.

What would be your dream email to wake up to, whom would it be from and what would it involve?

There are certain brands I would love to work with in the future! My dream email would be an acceptance offer from them! 

Lastly, Your favourite season for fashion?

Anything that isn’t cold. However, if it is cold then we gotta work with that 😂😭. However Spring & Autumn is where I belong, not too hot, not too cold ☺️

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