Our Founder.

Our Founder.

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I thought I should introduce myself so you can gain a better understanding of Yallambe jewellery & Why it exists.

So, hello! My name is Keira & I am 16 years old and living in Dereel, South East Australia. Yallambe is the ethically led business that I have dreamt up over the years as a reflection of our planet and people. I am a slow living, bake bread for breakfast kinda girl. I find happiness in anything that activates my senses like listening to records, twirling through God's wonderful creation, painting with watercolour on a rainy day, running in the sparks of a bomb fire or watching the flame of a candle dance.

My biggest passion has been Yallambe & in recent years, it has become so much more to me than just jewellery. Yallambe is a community of like-minded people. At the age of 12, I was diagnosed with high-functioning autism. (+ many more bits and pieces that make me wonderful)
Leading through high school things took a turn. That kid who was always up a tree, singing to the birds and smiling at every stranger, was triggered by the feel of this school. physical & emotional stress had subjected me and I couldn’t deal with the overwhelming emotions. so I bottled them up which lead make me becoming mentally and physically unwell & later going through several schools + hospitals to figure things out.

Although this experience has left me with a deep scar and my mind won't remember fully what happened: things still move forward. Yallambe was born when I was 13 and slowly developed throughout. Now, my goal is to create a business that not only helps those in the slave trade with each sale (I hope to go and help those affected by the slave trade in person with Yallambe) but is a gentle reminder to take the time out for yourself, to nourish, care for & love yourself. But it also acts as a gentle reminder for me, as I continue to irk through healing this scare, the cause of which I can hardly recall.

Thank you for being here, I cannot wait to see this grow & blossom into something more 


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