What is so special, personal, and unlike no other about YALLAMBE and why is everyone buying from us?


Where the seed was planted

As a six-year-old, Keira (the hands behind it all) dreamed of starting her own business. "I wondered how one came to own a business, looking up at all the signs of businesses." After 7 years, she finally had the tools to make her first pair of earrings. Keira took the risk of starting her dream business when her finances were tight and her jewellery high demand. She was inspired by the name of the lush cottage on her farm and noticed the engraved sign "Yallambe," which means "a place to rest".

Handmade by Keira Mcnaughton

We’re the Jewellery that lasts.

Sustainable and ethically made jewellery from Victoria, Australia. handcrafted to be worn on your adventures, Yallambe makes the good stuff without all the… well… not so good stuff. It’s actually easier this way. Using only recycled and or ethical and sustainably sourced goods, you can feel good about what we’re making. Cool, right?

Hey I'm Keira,

What YALLAMBE is all about

I started making jewellery in late 2020. It's been such an exciting journey, and I've truly loved every minute of it. I founded Yallambe with the goal of producing exquisitely handcrafted items of wearable art, that will endure a lifetime. Each piece I create is distinct from the next and is crafted from nature for nature. I consider jewellery to be a small extension and reflection of who you are, thus it's crucial to me to be able to wear my favourite items frequently without worrying about the quality eroding. As someone who never takes off my jewellery I strive to use sustainably sourced materials, always using as little or no plastic as possible.

 I hope you love my creations as much as I love creating them. 

What Makes Us Different?

The new norm.

What distinguishes us is our pursuit of minimal waste. As sustainability practices expand, we hope that our vision will spur innovation and establish a new perspective in the jewellery industry. We have approached what we do differently from beginning to end, questioning the use of materials, plastic packaging, and ethically sourcing our supplies. We strive to help improve the lives of those around us. We remain committed to our core value of enhancing those lives whom are affected by the slave trade industry. The creation and sale of handcrafted materials is frequently the only way for these artists to provide food and shelter for their families.