What makes us all so special is that not one of us is like the other. Please consider the guide for choosing your ring size. We advise you to refer to get your perfect fit.

How to find your ring size.

  • Pick the finger you want your new Yallambe ring to live on and use a ring you already have that fits it perfectly.
  • Measure the inside diameter of that ring, from one side to the other in a straight line across the centre of the circle.
  • Once you have your measurement (in mm), use our sizing chart below to find the size you need.


  • Cut a thin strip of paper or a piece of string about 10cm long and wrap it around the finger you want your new ring to sit on.
  • Make a mark where the paper/string meets.
  • Measure the length of the the paper/string that wrapped around your finger then find the correlating size in the chart below.

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