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Investing in Yallambe Jewellery means choosing timeless pieces that you will cherish in your collection for years to come. Our jewellery is crafted with genuine and precious materials such as gold, sterling silver, and gemstones. At Yallambe, we want you to enjoy every beautiful piece of jewellery in your possession.

All our designs are considered fine jewellery and artistic adornments, so please handle them with care. Once you have our jewellery, it is your responsibility to maintain them properly. Over time, all jewellery naturally oxidizes due to the elements. To preserve the shine of your silver jewellery, avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals, perfume, and lotions. It is also advisable not to wear your jewellery during certain activities such as cleaning, swimming in chlorine, etc.


We recommend that you store your pieces in a safe, dry place, such as a jewellery box or bag, to keep them in excellent condition. You should also clean your jewellery periodically using a soft cloth.


In all honesty, I design my jewellery to be durable and perfect for everyday wear. I am a 'put on and never take off' kind of adornment wearer, and I have personally tested all my designs to ensure their sturdiness. If you are like me and love jewellery that you can wear daily, rest assured that my designs are made with durability in mind. However, please note that the above information still stands, and it is best to take care of your jewellery to keep it in great condition.


Thank you for your understanding.

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